The Asian Tea Group strives to provide a safe and healthy product.

Tea is and has always been a health drink and we work together with our partners in the supply chain to deliver a safe and traceable product.

A healthy and safe cup of tea begins at our supply partners. We work together and support farmers and tea factories all over the world on safe and sustainable production methods.

The issue of pesticides and other contaminants are increasingly influencing the tea supply chain. We strive to support our supply partners in sourcing tea that is safe and compliant with stringent food safety regulations. Our products are tested at independent laboratories to ensure strict compliance with all existing food safety standards.

We believe that only an industry that creates value for all its stakeholders will remain sustainable in the future. The tea industry employs around 15 million people worldwide many of whom are smallholder farmers.

The group works with its partners on increasing the volumes of certified tea such as Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Trustea and UTZ. We recognize that certification is only a tool and not a goal in itself. The Asian Tea Group believes in practical initiatives and that an industry approach is needed to create actual change. It is for this reason that we are fully committed to supporting such initiatives.

The Asian Tea Group aims for the highest ethical and legal standards wherever present and actively supports good management practices across all its offices.