The Asian Tea Group offers teas from all our locations ‘Across the Globe’.

We are unique due to the fact that we are present in a majority of the tea producing regions of the world, offering virtually any type of tea - Black, Green, White, Specialty teas and more.

The group operates and manages its own warehousing, blending and packaging facilities in Kolkata (India), Coimbatore (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Mombasa (Kenya) to ensure strict quality control systems and production under optimal hygiene conditions. Our production facilities are certified by GMP, HACCP and/or ISO 22000 standards.

Our facilities in Kolkata and Mombasa have been fitted with state-of-the-art mechanical blending and cleaning units to ensure high hygiene standards and quality product delivery. We are currently in the process of mechanizing our production systems at our other locations too.

Teas are shipped as original or in blended form as per the customers’ requirement.

We have the capacity to package teas in:

  • Bulk, in paper bags or cartons - palletized and stretch wrapped, slip-sheeted or in loose form
  • Decaffeinated, flavored and herbal tea forms
  • Gift boxes and packs
  • Retail packets/pouches of any size or form
  • Tea bags of different sizes and shapes

Our dedicated and innovative design team assists our customers with product design and development from idea to market shelf.