Cha de Magoma S.A

Cha de Magoma is located in the northern part of Mozambique. It is close to the town of Gúruè and not far from the Malawi border.

Situated at an altitude of 1000m above sea level, the plantation runs three modern tea producing factories.

The Monte Branco factory manufactures EU and UTZ certified CTC teas, while Cha Luso produces EU & UTZ certified speciality orthodox teas and Monte Metilile crafts 100% USDA-NOP, EU and UTZ certified organic teas.

No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used on the plantation rendering the produce virtually organic. We are contributing to a greener planet by meeting our energy requirements with power generated by a captive hydroelectric plant.

We have also set up a water packaging plant, where water from the natural springs on the plantation is used to bottle mineral water at its source, under the brand name Monte Gúruè.